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The Company card will soon include train journeys with Tåg i Bergslagen

Starting March 1st our company customers will be able to travel with our Company card on board Tåg I Bergslagen.

New design for our regional and city buses 2019

Starting August 19 this year, we begin to replace some of our buses. The reason is that today buses have reached the age limit and that Region Örebro County together with Region Västmanland, has formed a new transport company - Svealandstrafiken. The new buses will be have a blue wave that bends along side of the bus.

Route 500 between Örebro and Karlskoga extends with a work shuttle bus

Starting February 4, 2019, we begin to operate shuttle traffic between Karlskoga bus station and some of the largest workplaces within the industries in the city of Karlskoga.

Länstrafikens lost card guarantee

As a registered customer in our online store you have access to block your Travel card if you loose it - and get a new card with the same tickets and/or Travel credit you had on the Travel card that was lost.

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