This is how our new website works

Welcome to our new website! This new website has a new design, new information and above all new features. Click one of the features below to find out more about how it works.


If you want to know more about the new features - Please contact our Customer Service for more information and help. 

Journey planner

The Travel planner is located directly on the home page and also under Travel Info. By having the Travel planner on the start page, we want to make it easier for you to search your trip with Länstrafiken. The Travel planner is meant to be as self explanatory and straightforward as possible.


Possibilities and choices

You have three possible ways to search your trip:

  • Search trip
  • Bus stop times
  • Timetables


Search trip gives you the opportunity to search from/to bus stops. You can start typing and get suggestions on bus stops to search from/to. You can also use the arrow button to change the direction of the search. You also choose the time you wish to travel before you complete the search.

You can choose more search options to adjust the search to better suit your needs. You can adjust the search based on the following options:


  • Transfer time - Normal usually means 0 seconds. At larger bus stops like the Central station in Örebro there is an extended normal time. The bus stops where the transfer time is 0 minutes does not guarantee that the change is possible.
  • Priority - What you want to prioritize the search from. Quick travel time or fewer changes.
  • Traffic - Used if you only want to see a regional bus or city bus. Default is to show both.
  • Maximum walking distance - The walking distance you want to go to/from bus stops and also at transfer locations. At this point, the distance is estimated to be the avian road, which means that it may be a little misleading.


Previous searches are saved on the device that the search is done. You can click on the previous search and it will move up to the travel planner search fields. You can also delete individual previous searches by clicking the checkbox next to that search.


When you have completed a search in the Journey planner on the homepage, you will be transferred to the page for the Travel Info. This is because there is more information there that may be useful to you when travelling with us.

Ticket guide - Find the right ticket

We have developed a Ticket guide to help you choose the right ticket based on your travel pattern. The Ticket guide can be found here.


The ticket guide is a series of questions that ultimately lead to the ticket that suits you based on your answers.


The image shows how the Ticket guide looks