Route 500 between Örebro and Karlskoga extends with a work shuttle bus

Starting February 4, 2019, we begin to operate shuttle traffic between Karlskoga bus station and some of the largest workplaces within the industries in the city of Karlskoga.

The departure times for the Work Shuttle bus (Arbetsskytteln) are adapted to buses coming in from Degerfors, Kristinehamn and Karlstad to Karlskoga bus station between 6.30 - 8.30 am. The departure time between the first and the last stop are flexible, but the Work shuttle bus will wait for travellers with route 500 from Örebro at the bus stop Rosendal. The work shuttle bus departures back from the workplaces to Karlskoga bus station to match the buses that depart between 4-5 pm the afternoon.


 The work shuttle bus in the city of Karlskoga will stop at these bus stops and/or workplaces:

  • Karlskoga busstation - The work shuttle bus departure every half hour between 7-8.30 am. The last route departures at 8 am.
  • Centrumleden - The work shuttle bus stops at the bus stop Centrumleden so that you as a traveller can reach several workplaces located in the city.
  • Rosendal södra, Karlskoga  -The work shuttle bus stops at the gravel parking before the entry to the industrial area of Bofors.
  • Rosendal norra, Karlskoga - The work shuttle bus stops at the entrance to Arbetsförmedlingen. This stop is also a pick up point for the travellers heading towards the direction of Björkborn, and arrives with route 500 from Örebro.
  • Nobelverken porten (Centralvägen) - The work shuttle bus stops at the gate of the industrial area of Björkborn.
  • Kontorsvägen - The work shuttle bus stops at the entrance of the company called Eurenco. 
  • Björkbornsvägen - The work shuttle bus stops at the gravel parking near a company called Recipharm.


More information about the work shuttle bus and the actual timetable is available here.