Night stop on route 5

To increase the safety of our travellers, we now offer night stop on line 5 from August 31st.

Many people experience some insecurity when they travel late evenings and nights. With a night stop, we want to increase the safety of our travellers. We want you to feel safe when you travel with us and this is part of that work.


What does night stop mean?

Night stop means that you as a traveller are offered the opportunity to step off between two stops if the desired location is traffic-safe to stay on. It applies to evenings and weekends. A night stop can be made if the site is traffic-safe and if the traffic situation allows.


You can report a night stop immediately upon boarding or as before at the stop before the desired night stop. The bus driver then decides if night stop is possible when the bus is at the location. The bus driver is the one who decides if a place is traffic-safe. We never guarantee that a desired night stop can be done as it depends on the traffic situation at that time.


Quick facts about night stop

  • Start August 31, 2018 and will be tested for 18 months.
  • Only line 5 in Örebro city.
  • Valid between kl. 21:00 - 04:00 holiday everyday.
  • Not applicable for stops between the railways Järnvägsgatan - Olof Palmes Torg.
  • Report night stop immediately upon boarding. If a situation arises while driving, you can report a night stop as last at the stop before the desired night stop.
  • Departure, except if you travel with a stroller or wheelchair. Then get off at the middle door.
  • The bus driver decides at any time when a night stop is possible.

If you want to know more about the night stop then we have compiled information about it via this link.