The handling of personal data

You may need to register personal data with us to use some of the services we offer, such as purchases in our app or web shop, or to subscribe to our newsletter. It is up to you whether you decide to accept our policy for handling personal data so that you can use the service.


In general, the following applies to handling personal data:


  • Länstrafiken Örebro processes all personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Act (PUL).
  • By registering your data with Länstrafiken Örebro you consent to Länstrafiken Örebro saving your data in its customer database.
  • Länstrafiken Örebro may merge the customer database with other registers within Länstrafiken Örebro, and with the national register in order to update addresses.
  • Länstrafiken Örebro will use the data to improve its services and level of service.
  • The data may be used by Länstrafiken Örebro and carefully selected business partners for marketing and statistics.
  • We do not pass on or sell personal data to other parties.
  • We will also use your data to enable us to send you relevant information.
  • You are entitled to receive information about, delete or correct the data registered about you. Contact our Customer Service for further information.

There may be some adaptation to how we handle your personal data depending on the service you wish to use; full information on how we handle your personal data is provided in connection with each service.

Service Travel - the handling of personal data

When you apply for a travel service permit, your application is administered and processed by the Travel Service Unit at Region Örebro Län.


Information about you as an applicant is obtained primarily from the information you provided in your travel service application. We may also contact you for additional information about your application or your travel service permit. Information from others is not obtained without your oral or written consent.


Information that you and others leave will be stored in a personal register. The data is protected in accordance with the provisions of the Public and Privacy Act.